Emotion begins from
small things

Accessories for your table and your home
so that your everyday life is marked by
unique moments full of emotions. 


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Elegant and handy tableware and homeware able to transform your everyday life into unique moments rich of emotions. The precious and refined hides, carefully treated for a stainproof and waterproof result, strictly hand-sewn and hand-trimmed, highlight the top Florentine craftmanship, the feather in the cap of the whole production by Dovico. The wide range of available colours also allows to customize the room depending on your tastes or needs.

Made in Italy

The entire production by Dovico is strictly “Handmade in Florence”, where history, culture, tradition and beauty have always characterised the excellent work of the Florentine master leather goods manufacturers.

Handmade manufacturing

Handmade seams, manually pressed accessories and manufacturing of ribs on the raw edge of leathers are the main handicraft finishing which embellish the products by Dovico


Strictly selected raw materials, refined leathers, exotic ones as well, the result of an accurate and absolutely sustainable research, elegant accessories and precious embellishments.


Unique, refined and customized items thanks to the numerous varieties of leather and as many chromatic versions.

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